Fabio Chiari was born in Florence on 21st April 1959. He has got artistic qualities developed in family (his grandfather was a musician, his uncle was a painter) and frequented cultural circles, showing as a painter and graphic. He became a pupil of Master Paolo Vettori in Florence and fast started to his laboratory in his house in Sesto Fiorentino. Since that moment he had produced violas, violins and cellos, that sells in all the world. His violin making is not heretical: his philosophy of working is connected to the classic Italian violin making. He disagrees with the today’s interpretation which gives most value to the commercial aspect than to the artistic one and which kill the handicraft spirit that animated the Great Masters. He prefers to value woods, models and varnishes that now are   disappeared from international trade and that, in the past, were used by Great Masters. Enrolled to the Association of Professional Violin Makers of Cremona (A.L.I), he has participated to international violin making’s shows, known from Tokyo to Francoforte, from Cremona to Montreal. His models come from original models (Carlo Bisiach’s), with his exclusive and always different woods. He felled tree by his self and only in Tuscany or Italy, and, after, works and transforms them. For the varnishes he uses only natural resins of ancient recipes (of Sixteen and Seventeen century). He always gives a certificate in which he writes age of seasoning,       place, specie of the wood and varnish used. His job is valued by his desire to discover the ancient knowledge. About the sound of his instruments, he always obtained compliments by everyone has bought, used or only tried them. Lives and works in Florence in his laboratory (not open to the public, for a personal choice), where he has a great quantity of wood (coming from Tuscany), that he has personally felled and seasoned.

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